Eat Your Way to Sexy

Not the usual diet book, Somer's text is lively, conversation–
al, and packed with fresh tips for better sexual and overall health.
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Eat Your Way to Sexy

Reignite Your Passion, Look Ten Years Younger and Feel Happier Than Ever

What does sexy feel like? Take a moment to imagine yourself feeling strong, attractive and sensual. Just for a moment connect with the you that feels passionate and fully alive.

When you imagine your sexy self, I'm guessing you're feeling a sense of confidence and effortless energy, which is at the core of feeling like your “sexiest” self. But how can you go from just imagining, to making this mental image the real you?

What you eat and your lifestyle directly determines the energy and passion you bring to your life. To really feel sultry, powerful and alive, you need a fine-tuned brain, a healthy heart, and clear and elastic blood vessels that effortlessly move blood and oxygen throughout your body. In Eat Your Way to Sexy: Reignite Your Passion, Look Ten Years Younger and Feel Happier Than Ever, I guide you through simple lifestyle habits that will enhance your energy, confidence, mood, memory, and ultimately lead to a more satisfying sex life. You'll learn:

  • The S–E–x–Y eating plan which includes the ménage à trois breakfast, the G-spot and Quickie snacks, the Twosome Lunch, and the Antioxidant Orgy, each of which curbs cravings and keeps your brain chemistry balanced.
  • A list of foods that are “Brain Candy” for revving the mind at any age.
  • A fatigue-busting make-over guaranteed to improve your energy level all day long and into the night!
  • How the S–E–x–Y eating plan will nourish your skin so that you look up to 15 years younger, with shinier and and glowing skin.
  • Herbs, spices and supplements that give you an extra, lusty boost.
  • A Daily Meal Planner that step–by–step incorporates these valuable tips into true lifestyle changes.

You and only you control how well you feel. Eat well and your body will repay you a thousand-fold with abundant energy, a sharper mind, a fit body, and and the sexy life you deserve. I promise you can achieve a life you love when you follow the program in Eat Your Way to Sexy.


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