Elizabeth Somer

Elizabeth Somer is one of the most trusted sources for nutritional information. Drawing on the latest research from around the world, she provides viewers and readers the most up-to-date information to use in their own lives. Elizabeth is a regular guest on national and local television, and her work is widely featured in print. To arrange an interview with Elizabeth, click here now.


Elizabeth on the Today Show

Elizabeth shares with Hoda and Kathie Lee what foods women should eat to maximize their energy and health in their 20s, 30s and 40s.


Elizabeth on The View with Michelle Obama

How important is breakfast? It can help you manage your weight, and boost your energy and mood. Elizabeth shows some excellent breakfast options with Michelle Obama on The View.


Elizabeth on the Today Show

Can what you eat really affect your mood? Elizabeth has been studying the food and mood connection for more than a decade and explains the food and mood connection on the Today Show.


Highlights from Elizabeth's National and Local Television appearances

From the Today Show to AM Northwest, Elizabeth provides smart, healthy food solutions for busy people who want to achieve their ideal weight, maximize their energy and be the healthiest they can be.


To view more video, please visit Elizabeth's YouTube Channel.


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